Committee Volunteering Opportunities

We need help to run the club:

Our target committee size is 10-12 people, we currently run with 5-6 volunteers. Let us know if you can help so that the club is sustainable for the future.

Steering Committee

Some roles are essential to the weekly running of the club and may require 1-2 hours each week e.g. club secretary, assistant secretary, fixture secretaries, referees secretary, treasurer, welfare officer. We call this group of volunteers our “steering committee”. Steering committee meet every 4-6 weeks and are regularly in touch, as all “joint” decisions must be approved by at least 3 club officials together.

Current vacant posts: treasurer, referees secretary, fixture secretaries (9-12s, 13s up), extra welfare officers, assistant secretaries.

Wider Committee

Other wider committee roles require 1-2 hours per month, such as:

  • Ordering Kit (1 hr monthly, but can be more in Summer)
  • Respect officer (1 hr monthly, focussed on improving respectful home and away sidelines behaviour)
  • Preparing the club’s monthly payment run (2 hrs monthly)
  • Assisting to carry out DBS checks (1-2 hours monthly).
  • Keeping in touch with the Mere pitch users and lessor to support small sided games (1-2 hrs monthly).
  • Liaising with residents and local council to maintain good community relations at Thelwall, Grundy Park and Mere (1/2 hour monthly).

There are seasonal roles such as registrations officer and subscriptions officer. These posts will be busy at certain times of year, and quieter at others, they are also part of the wider committee.

The wider committee and steering committee meet together twice a year. The wider committee can report in to the steering committee, or sit in, for example to help them raise something that needs a change or to get a budget approved for something new.

Current vacanct posts: registrations officers, subscriptions officer, DBS assistant, payment run assistant, Mere liason, residents/councils liason, respect officer.

Can I help out on an occasional basis?

Sure you can! You don’t need to be a committee member to help run the club.

There are lots of smaller one off projects that the club carries out, and events in the annual calendar where you can make a huge impact by donating a couple of evenings over a few weeks or months.

Areas where you could make a big difference:

  • Organising community events e.g. fundraisers, primary and/or secondary aged end of season presentation days (seasonal: time commitment varies)
  • Ordering storing and distributing coaching spare parts and accessories e.g. goal-posts, balls, pumps, first aid kits/spares (mainly start of season, and from time to time)
  • Registering, keeping track of and ordering spare parts for our many defibrillators

Most behind the scenes roles can be job-shared to make them manageable. Sometimes, volunteers are a bit shy about stepping forward. If a role is an ad hoc project, or short term help behind the scenes, you don’t need to be formally appointed at the club AGM, you can just get on with it and will get full support and supervision from a club mentor (usually a committee member).